Monika Hilleary is an award winning commercial and fine art photographer previously from Colorado and several years in New Zealand. She was recognized as one of Colorado's foremost photographers, particularly in many of the resort areas. Monika is widely published and best known for her specialized commercial lighting techniques which is still evident in her current Fine Art work.  

Infused with inspiration from the surrounding beauty of her current home in Sedona, AZ as well as other areas of the Southwest, Monika pursues her passion of both capturing unique Fine Art Photographs as well as creating organic, yet contemporary Mixed Media Artworks. All with an attempt to both share and preserve our incredible gifts of nature. 

Monika works in collaboration with her husband, Jeff who is instrumental in seeking out many remote and starlit locations, not to mention, builds a great campfire when needed. Jeff also has a keen eye for creativity and composition. Monika and Jeff together with their 2 Vizsla pups and hiking partners, enjoy and cherish these remarkable wonders of our planet earth and make every attempt to both share and conserve by capturing these scenes in the best of light. 


We hope you enjoy viewing these artworks and images as seen through Monika's eyes and lenses. 


For inquiries please email monika@lightdance.net 

928 202 7627